Thursday, July 26, 2012

oh, hey guys

We didn't forget about the blog or you, the loyal followers. We've been out in the wilderness for 21 days collecting scientific data, crunching the numbers so we can give you the true roadtrip experience. Sometimes you have to do the dirty work to have something to write about. After all, part of the point of this endeavor was to escape society for a little bit. Since our last post, way way back on July 5th, we've done a few things. We got a taste of the Yosemite Valley lifestyle, played in some snow on Mount Shasta, picked up an Austrian superhero, got lost for a week in bigfoot country, paddled the Klamath River, hiked to an epic wilderness lake known to mortals as Devil's Punchbowl, and have blazed a path into Oregon. We just posted photos from most of our recent travels, be sure to look at each individual post in the sidebar to the right 'cause scrolling down through em won't get you through them all. As we adjust to the internet and traffic lights again, we'll organize our photos and write some posts detailing each facet of the recent posting dry spell. Expect some insight about Yosemite, a look at Happy Camp, and an expose on the Klamath River ranger who's a living legend in the eyes of Western river rats. As we continue on to Crater Lake and Idaho, we've got a lot more on the way. Stay tuned.

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