Thursday, May 17, 2012

greetings fellow dirtbags

As my first official post, I'd like to thank everyone for following our journey. As Fizer and I go into early retirement from the work-a-day world, we eschew the memories of 401(k)s, direct deposit and tax deductible charitable donations. Now we simply donate to ourselves, and we're going to write it off in the form of a four month climbing trip across the US of A. The blog design and layout may change a few times until I scrutinize it enough to be happy. Like Eric said, the official design and posting will be set and begin on June 1st when we depart for the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. After cranking hard for four days, it's off to simmer in the 100 degree heat whilst flapping our arms in an uncoordinated manner to the crunchy tunes of the  Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Stay tuned for further transmissions.


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    1. jones mama here as i posted for the other member of the dynamic duo....i'd say break a leg, but that sentiment for the stage would be too close to home for the stage you dirtbags will be"T break any legs...take are of each other...and write home when you get

  2. Go Team! (all tuned in)