Wednesday, May 9, 2012

flaking the rope

I'm starting this blog today so that I can document a trip of a lifetime! Starting June 1, 2012, Dylan Jones and I are leaving our jobs to visit a large portion of the national parks and classic climbing areas throughout the United States. Dylan and I will travel the states by road using our van and tents as our home for the journey.  We plan to do a great deal of rock/alpine climbing, hiking/exploring, and backpacking along the way.  This is kind of a test run to get all the kinks out before the real blogging starts on June 1st.  I'm really excited to get this thing rolling!

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  1. jones mama here WIF....i'd say break a leg, but that sentiment for the stage would be too close to home for the stage you dirtbags will be"T break any legs...take are of each other...and write home when you get