Wednesday, June 6, 2012

climbing access done right

As with any destination climbing area around the world, access is a major issue. So much that multi-million dollar funds are enacted to protect and guarantee access to some of the world's most beloved crags. Here at The Red in Kentucky, things are no different. Enter Muir Valley Nature Preserve, LLC, a 700 acre geological wonder owned by access gods Rick and Liz Weber. The Webers purchased the land they named after John Muir in 2004 to give free and superb access to the thousands of climbers who frequent The Red. From the parking lot with restroom facilities and a pavilion to the well-marked and maintained trailsd leading to each crag, Muir Valley is a shining example of what climbing access can be when dedicated people secure the land and dedicated patrons practice good stewardship of the crags that give them so much enjoyment. We can only hope that Muir Valley continues on after the Webers hand down the land to the next owners or hopefully the Red River Gorge Climber's Coalition (RRGCC).
rick weber belaying a beginner climber - always giving back to the community - photo by dylan jones

rope trip with rick weber, co-owner of muir valley - photo by random climber

amped climbers enjoying the stellar access of bruise brothers wall at muir valley - photo by dylan jones

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