Thursday, June 21, 2012

greetings from boulder

Since our last post from the Sand Dunes, we've moved up north through Denver and into Boulder. Back in Shelf Road, we met a duo of climbers who live in Denver. Our new friend, Karen, was kind enough to let us crash at her nice apartment for two days while we got our climbing plans in order. It was nice to have the pleasures of a swimming pool, AC, beds and showers for a few days. The three of us scooted up north to Boulder to do some granite climbing and camp above town in the mountains. Eric and I were very excited to get out of the desert and off the flat plains of the front range. There is currently a fire ban in effect state-wide. The camping atmosphere isn't as exciting, but safety first I suppose. We took our first dirtbag showers with environmentally-friendly soap in Boulder Creek today. The freezing cold water and scent of peppermint helped us cope with another day of 100 degree temps. My mind is currently gassed from four days in a row of intensive climbing, so peace out until next time.

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