Wednesday, June 6, 2012

final report from the red

It's been four straight days of climbing. Eight hours a day, five plus pitches a day, hundreds of bug bites and scrapes. In this intense training trip to get pumped up and stronger for big walls out West, we've scaled over 1500 vertical feet a piece to tackle a majority of classic climbs at classic areas in the Red. I've been welcoming a rest day since day two, but we have to push on down the road to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN. So from four straight days of muscle crushing climbing to four straight days of tunes and relaxing with friends, bring on the ROO. The next post will be from Colorado Springs, CO. See you then Amuricah.

group of climbers on a classic route at the gallery in muir valley - photo by dylan jones

getting the van ready to head down to bonnaroo - photo by dylan jones

1 comment:

  1. must see must see...did i mention you must see FITZ and the TANTRUMS at the Roo

    have a great time DBs and stay safe

    love, yo mama